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Benefits of Using a URL Shortener

Created on 15 July, 2022 | URL Shortener | 312 views | 5 minutes read

You've probably had this one thought while copying and pasting overly long links to your social media profiles: That link looks horribly long. This is where URL shorteners come in! As the name implies, URL shorteners reduce lengthy, clumsy URLs to more manageable lengths.

When selecting a custom URL shortener, you should first go to the company's website and read about its terms of service and privacy policy to ensure they're above board.

If you're using a free tool, all you usually have to do is create an account. Once you do that, the rest of the process is relatively straightforward. First, let's talk more specifically about some of the benefits of shortening your URLs.

They Offer the Ability to Track Performance

Most URL shorteners provide analytical data. Almost all shorteners do, but we specifically offer tons of information for our users, which is easily accessible within your user dashboard at Spokane.Link. Why should you care about this?

A company may use link tracking to learn what its audience is interested in and adapt its methods. What are people clicking on? What does it take for someone not to notice you?

The main advantage of utilizing an online tool to abbreviate a link is that any clicks you get on your links can be analyzed. These analytics aim to discover patterns in how your audience acts and what they want (and don't want) to see. This isn't just useful for your company; it's also essential for the person in charge of your social media management. When that person or team goes to put together reports, having these metrics on your link click-throughs is just as important as tracking likes, comments, follows, etc.

Use Fewer Precious Characters

In particular, saving every possible character is essential for Twitter. URL shorteners allow you to utilize more space to express yourself and include crucial elements like hashtags. Sometimes it might seem rocket science to communicate with the public in under 140 characters. Now try managing a link that is 75 words long. Seriously, give it a go. It's near-impossible. Additionally, remember that the ideal tweet length is about 110 characters long, and you'll see why this is an issue.

URL Shorteners Promote Sharing

Which one appears more user-friendly?




Shorter links make sharing much more accessible, encouraging people to share as a whole. We're all hoping for as many shares as possible when we post. So, why would you want to make it difficult for your audience?

You Can Show Off Your Branding

Custom URL shorteners are a fantastic way to build your brand and expand its reach, as they offer you complete control over how your links look. For example, our URL shortener service is branded as Spokane.Link. You can add custom logos, icons, and even trackable vanity URLs to make your brand's links pop. Customizing your links can increase brand awareness and solidify your online presence.

People Are Used to Them

Would you do it if everyone else was jumping off a bridge? We urge you not to, but being in the majority makes perfect sense when it comes to URL shorteners. Shortened URLs have become so prevalent that most individuals don't notice them. However, an un-shortened URL sticks out like a sore thumb, and some readers may see your use of an un-shortened link as a clear signal that you're not professional or don't know what you're doing.

They Produce Higher Click-Through Rates

Users are accustomed to seeing shortened links on social media. As a result, utilizing shortened links will improve your click-through rates. It's one of the most straightforward modifications you can make to your posting strategy to increase its effectiveness. Don't believe it? Make the change yourself and check the analytical data! See, using analytics to track the changes in your click-through rate is one of the benefits of URL shorteners...

They Can Help You with A/B Test

A/B testing, also known as split testing, compares two versions of something (in this case, links) to see which performs better. It's commonly used in email marketing campaigns but can be applied to pretty much anything.

URL shorteners make A/B testing easy because they allow you to change one link element (usually the destination URL) while keeping the shortened link the same. This is handy when you want to test different versions of a landing page or compare the effectiveness of two call-to-action buttons.

They Can Make You More Money

If you're an online marketer or run a website with advertisements, URL shorteners can help you make more money. How? It allows you to track how many people click on your links and where they're coming from. With this information, you can adjust your marketing strategy to focus on the most effective channels for driving conversions. Some URL shorteners even allow you to include affiliate links, which means you can earn commission on any purchases made by individuals who click your links.

More streamlined in appearance

Many URLs begin the same way, but after the initial resemblance, they can diverge in many different directions. Having all your links be the same length and appear strikingly similar is essential when creating a brand and conducting a social media campaign.

Shortened URLs look better in Instagram bios and Twitter bios. They give a clean aesthetic to a page that might otherwise be cluttered with photographs and other forms of content.

Easier to replicate

Given the ease with which you may copy and paste a link from almost any device, it's no surprise that this doesn't happen too often. But forcing you to input 45 or more distinct digits, characters, and symbols is inconvenient if someone sends you a URL in a direct message or text. There's too much room for error, and a potential sharer may give up before they even start. This goes back to the idea that shorter links are more user-friendly.

More legitimacy

A link similar to other links on your digital marketing materials and social media content lends your business credibility. Random characters and numbers in long URLs may appear suspicious, particularly for first-time clients. You might need to use shortened URLs for high social media interaction, especially if you're looking for increased engagement on social media platforms.

Final Thoughts

Shorter URLs are the only kind of URLs for social media. If you haven't already, now is the time to utilize them. Experience the simplicity and convenience of posting your links using Spokane.Link firsthand. We also make it possible to share locations, contact information, maps, and so much more.

You're missing out on profound benefits if you're not using a URL shortener. There are plenty of reasons to switch from increased click-through rates to improved branding and easier A/B testing. Not to mention, shortened URLs look better.

Register your FREE account to see how everything works, then upgrade to a paid plan to reap the full benefits of our software. Thanks for checking out this article.

Updated on 23 September, 2022